Tuesday, July 13, 2010

 Today was frustrating.  A severe headache/migraine interfered with actually accomplishing my to-do list.  Anything I did attempt ended in frustration as every single task was much more complicated than it needed to be, like having to rewash the dishes as I was unloading the CLEAN dishwasher. *sigh*  My kitchen floor is still sticky and I've killed quite a few ants today. On top of all this, my husband was sick so I had to dig down and find that inner strength when I wanted to quit.  Oh, and my kids were in fine form today.  My oldest son has a scream that mimics that of a buzz saw.  Not kind on small ears(or big ones) that are standing next to him when he screams.

 But in the midst of this, I am thankful.  I'm thankful for making a healthy, nutritious lunch at the height of my pain.  I'm thankful for finally purchasing sunflower seeds.  I'm thankful for purchasing local organic cherries and making new friends in the process.  I'm thankful for pizza, silly little boys, apologies and forgiveness, my ergo, and evening walks to the library with my daughter.  I'm also very thankful for the libraries' hold system and the wonderful friendly librarians there.  I'm also very thankful for tylenol, ibuprofin, and chocolate.   Beyond all that, I'm so thankful for my God who keeps holding me on very bad days like today and never ever lets go!


  1. Thanks for all you do. I love you Grace!

  2. Bravo Grace - You get an A on that one. Headaches are so disturbing, I know. This heat triggers them for me so I thankfully stay inside as much as I can these days. Mary Horst