Monday, July 19, 2010

Thankful List

 Today has been another pain day for both my hand and my head. Boo!  So here's my thankful list:
 -Phone calls from my best friend that are supposed to be a quick parenting question and instead end up being a much longer chat.
 -Friends that understand!
 -Squirting a little boy with a water gun while talking to my best friend.
 -Watching my little guy sleep.
 -Grandmas that take grandsons for playdates.
 -Husbands that make dinner, put boys to bed, load the dishwasher, wash the diapers and give the kitchen table a deep clean.
 -Husbands with deep patience for sick wives.
 -Husbands that bring home flowers.
 -Black lilies.
 -A beautifully cut crystal vase that I got a garage sale.
 -Little boys that get out of bed for kisses and then put themselves back to bed! (This one seems more like a miracle and a milestone than just something to be thankful for.)
 -Tea with friends.
 -Eating homemade zucchini bread for breakfast.

 For these blessings and many others I give thanks.

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