Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Curried Indian Dal Soup

 Well, I cooked today.  I also had a child home from school again and then a plethora of people arrived all at once.  That was fun.  I took advantage of the chaos to slip upstairs and change out of my jammies.  I think they appreciated that!  I certainly appreciated them.  From my mom bringing over a casserole after picking up Steve's birthday present for me, to the coffee and honey cruller that T brought over, to my mother-in-love's wise counsel, to Veronica's great hugs, they all enriched my day.  I am very blessed to have such a wonderful community of women to do life with.

 But the best part was that I cooked!  By cooked, I mean made a good, labour intensive meal.  It started with a soup.  We're trying to eat meatless a couple days a week.  This works better some weeks than others, but it's a start.  I've been wanting to make a "Curried Indian Dal Soup" from 300 Sensational Soups by Carla Snyder and Meredith Deeds.  Last week I managed to toast and grind the spices, but hadn't gotten around to making the soup.  I was feeling much better today so I made soup.  It turned out very well.  Unfortunately, the soup doesn't look appetizing, but it tasted delicious.  However, cinnamon and cardamon are not spices we're used to in soups, so the wee people weren't as thrilled.  Steve and I both enjoyed it though.

 For some reason I felt especially ambitious, so decided to add a side dish.  In keeping with the Indian theme, I made "Vegetable Bhajis" from Jamie's Food Revolution.  This is one of my favourite cookbooks. Jamie wrote this one for those who are scared of cooking.  Thus the recipes are explained in great detail with very helpful photographs.  There's just something about Jamie Oliver that makes me want to try everything he suggests.  Normally, I would pass up making the bhajis(fritters? Aris calls them latkes) as they looked too complicated but after making them the first time I realized how amazingly easy and delicious they are.  Having a food processor helps too.  Surprisingly my children loved these.  They also enjoyed the Indian sweets Steve picked up at the local Indian grocery on his way home from work.

 Steve was feeling miserable, so I sent him to bed.  Unfortunately, I crashed hardcore about half an hour later.  This sucked because I really wanted to go to yoga.  *sigh*   But I am thankful for my delightful cookbooks, for having the energy to cook and that my darlings ate something!  Oh, they all devoured my homemade whole-wheat bread.  At least they're eating something.  *shakes head*

 p.s. if anyone wants the recipes, please let me know. i can either email you, or post it on the blog.  if you live close by and want to either borrow my cookbooks, have a cooking lesson or have me cook for you, do you have chocolate? if so, we'll talk. :)  if you live far away and i'm coming to visit you, i can pack my cookbooks for your reading pleasure.  after all, i read yours when i visit. :)

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  1. mmmm Indian food - we loves it! I too enjoy the feeling of cooking something nice from scratch.