Monday, October 25, 2010

I think Somebody Loves Me?

 This afternoon was bad.  Very bad. Very very very bad.  In fact, it was among the lowest I've been in a long time.  I'd like to know when this is going to get better.  Until it does, I would like to either hibernate, join the circus or find a nice beach.  At this point, I'd settle for taking up residence at the closest bookstore.  But I just want this to stop.  It's too much!

 My daughter had dance at supper time, so we hurried off.  I was so upset that Steve made her a mustard and pickle sandwich.  She loved it.  Strange little girl. :)  I sat there in a grump, reading Chapter 6 of Radical for my post tomorrow.  If you were close enough, you might have heard my mutters of complaint and hopelessness.  After I finished reading, I had a nice visit with one of the other moms.  She was also having a bad day.  I think we cheered each other up a bit.  But I was still sad.

 I opened the door to my house to find someone standing there.  Someone informed my dad that I was having a bad day, so he came over with chicken wings, garlic bread and fries.  Not only does he know my comfort food, my dad also offered lots of good hugs and some entertainment.  He played my guitar and sang to me.  It helped.

 While we were eating, I discovered that my lovely husband had asked for prayer for me on facebook.  The mother of a good friend wrote me a brief encouraging note letting me know that she was praying for me.  It helped.  Then another friend brought over homemade sushi.  Shortly after that, another friend offered to come over with honey crullers.  I declined the donuts, but accepted the offer of hugs.

 So I have learned something today.  Two things actually.  The first is that people love me.  The second is that my love language appears to be food. :) Somehow people think I like food or get really excited about it....I don't know why....I'm off to bed, but feeling much much better than before.  I really hope this situation resolves soon.  A year is a very long time.


  1. You *are* loved, Grace. Very much (even though I have no food for you... and I'd better get my brain in gear because otherwise my girls won't have anything for lunch either ;). Praying.

  2. yes, you are *very* loved my dear. <3 <3 <3