Saturday, October 9, 2010


 I'm not sure why, but this week has been very hard emotionally.  Even though today hasn't been a bad, I just don't want to write tonight.  I'm too overwhelmed, feeling much too hopeless.

 But there are glimmers of hope.  A visit with a sister who lives far away, good conversation over wings and nachos, a beautiful fall bouquet tucked inside a small orange pumpkin, and a little boy buying chocolate (good chocolate) for his mama to make up for a week of whining, disobedience and willfulness.  His thoughtfulness and self-sacrifice touched his mama's heart.  He spent all of his money on me, kept nothing back for himself.  It was a gift that cost him.  My hard heart melted(it's been a looong week) causing me to fish through my change.  His face lit up with joy when I handed him the twoonie and sent him off to buy a chocolate bar to share with his brother.  Such a sweet little boy when he wants to be.  He has promised to be better this week after a long talk with his father.  Hopefully he won't forget.

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  1. a glimmer is all it takes...just a glimmer...