Friday, October 8, 2010

Pie Making

 My mentor came over today.  She's a lovely lady in her mid-sixties, married for over 40 years, grandmother to children older than mine.  She's quiet and wise, not at all impetuous like me.  I'm hoping that some of her calmness will rub off on me.  Today she came to help make pies.  I really wanted to bake pies for Thanksgiving, but with my lack of energy knew that help was needed.

 I asked and she agreed, so we met together today to bake over cups of coffee and hot apple cider.  I made crust while she peeled apples.  Then as I mixed the filling together, she rolled out dough with Kian.  Rachel was so patient with him, teaching him how to fold the crust over and place it in the dish.  I learned a lot too, just by watching.  These pies aren't just yummy, they're beautiful too, decorated with pricks shaped like flowers, letters, and birds.  Oh these pies were works of art!  Having had a slice for dessert, I can also attest to the deliciousness too.  Don't you wish you were coming to my house for Thanksgiving dinner? :)

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  1. is that an invitation??? lol ;o)