Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Adventures

 Yesterday, while on the phone with my mother, she mentioned that my parents were going to Stratford, a nearby tourist town.  I really enjoy Stratford, so I asked if Aris and I could come along.  She told me to ask my dad.  Later when Dad came over for supper, I asked him if we could come along.  He agreed but said that he might just keep driving to Goderich, a town on the shores of Lake Huron.  That sounded great.

 Mid-morning today Aris and I set off with my parents.  We stopped twice along the way for coffee, once for each leg of the journey.  Certain people needed coffee this morning.  I wasn't complaining. Although at one point, I somehow managed to spill coffee all over my shirt, jeans, hair and the car window.  I'm not quite sure how that happened, I'm just fortunate that I wasn't seriously burnt as my coffee was still quite warm.

 Stratford is home to many delightful shops, good restaurants and the Stratford Festival which showcases Shakespear plays each year.  Okay, I really hope this makes sense, because I'm too tired to type.  Eight or nine years ago, my best friend and I stayed overnight in Stratford.  We had a delightful time exploring.  My visit there today brought back memories of our time there.  I remember feeling so grown up then.

 As both my mother and I tire easily, we didn't do too much walking around.  But we went to a tea store, a store selling artwork from Asia, a toy store, a very fun clothing and other store(the Green Room), a book store and a store that is home to three beautiful cats.  Aris particularly enjoyed hunting for all three kitties.  Can you find the kitty below?

This kitty appeared to be sound asleep but welcomed the many touches he/she attracted.  

All three cats were extremely calm and good tempered.  We had great fun searching for them and then petting some of them.  My parents commented on how much better natured these cats are than their cat, Allegra.

 We had a great time.  I took well over 300 pictures, but I'm too tired and it's getting late.  Hopefully I'll post more later this week.  Happy Weekend. :)

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