Sunday, October 3, 2010

Steve's birthday

 I don't want to write today.   In fact, I'm really really grumpy and angry right now.  What I want to do is eat salty junk food until I feel gross.  But then I remembered what today is.  Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. So rather than be grumpy, I'm going to write about him.

 *sigh* Just as I typed that last sentence, he plugged in his iPhone which meant that another screen superimposed itself over my blogger screen. *sigh*

 So, back to the super-awesomeness....No, Steve is amazing.  I am blessed beyond words to be married to such a faithful guy.  He truly is faithful.  Steve doesn't give up.  He keeps going even when he's tired, sick, grouchy or burnt-out.  If he is supposed to be somewhere, he'll be there.  He's reliable.  He's steadfast.  During this difficult year, Steve's faith hasn't wavered.  While I'm all over the map emotionally speaking, he keeps pointing me back to God. Steve continually reminds me of God's character, provision and goodness even in the midst of trying circumstances. Steve never gives up.

 Steve is also a great dad.  Our routine has changed now that he busses to work, but for years, he fed the children breakfast every morning.  He's also very involved with the bedtime routine, and has gotten up with the children during the night.  Not once, but almost always.  For this alone, he deserves some kind of medal.

 Steve loves his children.  He enjoys spending time with them, so much so that his saturdays are almost exclusively spent with his boys as Aris is often gone then.  He takes Aris out on dates.  They have an explosive relationship, but he hasn't given up.

 Steve is also doctor-daddy around here.  He fixes all wounds, bandages all cuts, and is the dispenser of medicine.  Certain of our children are convinced that only Daddy could possibly know how to clean a scrape and put on a bandaid.

 I could write a lot more about how wonderful my husband is.  He is generous, loves children, has a great sense of humour, and is a very creative cook.  Plus, he typically makes the coffee.  But I'll spare you the novel and instead just end by wishing him a happy birthday.  I love you, Steve! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Can I have him? And why are you grumpy and angry?