Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saturday Meanderings, camera in hand.

  One beautiful fall Saturday, we went for a drive.  My mom, my dad and my little girl, leaving the boys behind.
  The clouds were big and puffy, hovering over tan fields of corn.
  Stark trees stood out against fields shorn of their covering, but not yet plowed under.  The colours made my heart sing, all blue and shades of brown.
  Buildings dotted the farmscape, some sleek and modern, all white and steel, contrasting to the earth tones surrounding them.
  The far-off swathes of forest, all clothed in fall beauty, caught my eye.  I loved the brightness of the colour, the reds, oranges, yellows and greens against a backdrop of tan, brown and beige.  What colours are these fields in autumn anyhow?  My colour vocabulary seems too small for these riches of autumn.
  How I love the autumn sky!  Such a spectacular shade, so bright and deep.  Perhaps it isn't the sky that has changed, just my eyes.
  And this, the bright face of my travelling companion, all grown-up at 7.  She with her raincoat pockets filled with snacks, a Get Fuzzy comic book and her camera.  She relished having an outing without the boys, just her, Mama, Grammy and Poppa.  She stayed quiet, bright eyes alert, singing along with the cd.
  Words begin to fail me.  I am no artist.  I cannot properly name or describe colours.  But this scene...all the scenes of this day, brought me great joy.  I kept snapping pictures as we sped down the highway, something I never ever do.  And to my great surprise they turned out beautifully!
  Great old greying(rusting) barns hold a special place in my heart.  Perhaps it's the memories of the old barn from the family farm and my treasured memories of playing there.  Ramshackled barns are beautiful but sad, this one looks usable, just aging.
  Little pieces of inbetween land, different fields, separated by brush.  These spaces prick my imagination.  Is this where the fairies play?
 And then this, our final destination.  The weeping willows look almost like palm trees, making it seem slightly more exotic.  But this, the brillant light, windswept clouds against a perfect sky were perfect for me.  The boulders, the gently crashing waves soothed this soul that had been dry for much too long.

 Can you guess where I am? I'm linking with Emily today and the rest of the Imperfect Prose Community.  Emily, this last shot is just for you.  :)


  1. Incredible, Grace. Absolutely incredible

  2. smiles. perhaps it was not the colors that chnaged but my eyes...very nice...

  3. Salt mines in Goderich, by any chance?

  4. i remember being a little girl riding my bike out in the country and feeling that feeling: i can't even describe the colors enough and yet my heart will burst from the beauty of it all! i miss those old bike rides and still love seeing beauty in the colors of field and forest. lovely post! and traveling companion!

  5. Perhaps it isn't the sky that has changed, just my eyes.

    love this line and your pictures are beautiful :)

  6. oh grace--do you know how i miss that beach? you must. thank you--such a gift, this. and i love the idea of faeries playing. i know , my color vocabulary is too limited, as well... and i believe the kingdom of God is a pair of new spectacles, as one priest put it. beautiful post friend.

  7. This was just such a fun road to travel with you. What a beautiful day, a beautiful place, a beautiful post. Lovely through and through.

  8. i know that beach! Thank for for sharing this collection of pictures and words..both full of color and life.

  9. Road trip! What a privilege to be able to fly through the countryside. I always find it a bit torturous, though, to decide between just enjoying the scenery and focusing on taking photos. Thanks for the photos this time around :)

  10. Thank you for taking me on your graceful travels!

  11. Hope it's okay to veer off topic here from your beautiful pictures! But I wanted to let you know I'm praying for you after the comment you left on my blog about missing church right now.
    (I posted this response on my blog also but I realize you may not go back to revist the comments...)

    I hear the pain in your words. When church isn’t what it’s supposed to be (and what we know it CAN be), it hurts even worse. I’m sorry you’re at such a difficult place right now. I’ve tasted a little of what you’re saying when my home church went through a major division, but probably not to the extent that you’re experiencing.

    You are doing the right thing, though, by pursuing reconciliation, even though that’s probably very difficult and painful in itself. Regardless of what the other parties decide to do, you will be blessed in the end for doing your part to seek peace (Romans 12:18).

    I pray that God won’t leave you in this circumstance much longer; what a bummer to hate Sundays and church. :-( In the meantime, I hope you can still find many ways to praise him with your immediate family and with your small group.

    Blessings to you,