Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beading and a Date

So I was supposed to go to the big city today. But that didn't happen. Needless to say, I am not impressed with a certain person, but we were all very relieved to stay home. Poor Miss Aris was dreading her stay with the other parent. They had an issue several months ago that hasn't been properly resolved yet. Thankfully today we had a great phone conversation and hopefully things will get back to normal. Over the last several months, her mood swings have been even more dramatic than normal so hopefully she will be calmer now.

Today did not start off well. I think all 5 members of our family cried before 8am. This is not normal nor a sign of good mental health in our household. I gathered us all on my bed and prayed for everybody. Shortly after, we got a phone call cancelling our trip. Tensions eased, we had a lovely breakfast including strawberries, pound cake and whipped cream, and we did fun things. The boys played video games and went beer hunting, while the girls went bead shopping and necklace making with Grammy. I did not make any necklaces, but Aris more than made up for my shortfall. She has made 4 necklaces in the last 2 days and is very happy. She is such an artist!

My parents babysat this evening while Steve and I went out on a date. I was hoping for dinner and a movie, but that didn't work so we just saw Alice in Wonderland. I haven't been a Tim Burton fan in the past, but Steve is so I grudgingly agreed. The movie was amazing! At the end, Steve looked at me in his 3D glasses and I cracked up. We are such nuts! Our evening really restored that sense of fun in our marriage and we had a good talk after. We also enjoyed kissing under the stars before coming in to wake up my dad. Steve keep checking to make sure my parents weren't spying on us. It was fun. :) It turned out we didn't need to worry because my dad was so sound asleep on the couch that he didn't wake up until we took a picture of him sleeping. I called his name several times and everything. I should add that my dad is wonderful because not only did I get a night out, I also now have a cleaner house. Daddy, you rock! Although today started very badly, it ended in a much better place on so many levels. Yay!

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