Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Right Place at the Right Time

My house remains in a state of chaos. I was really hoping to tackle the dishes, laundry and random flotsam that accumulated during my temporary absence. Unfortunately this didn't happen today, but for a very good reason.
I was on my way in from the market, when I suddenly for no apparent reason decided to visit my friend. So we went and banged on her door until she appeared. At first she seemed fine, but then quickly commented that she needed to eat. That was fine, so we came in and hung out. Within about five minutes of my arrival V was dizzy, shaky and extremely weak. My mothering instincts kicked in and I began scrounging for something healthy and restorative for her to eat. This would have been much easier to do in my house, but Aris isn't quite big enough to send running between the houses yet. I stayed with my friend until her husband came home, and then I took their daughter for a bit in the afternoon.

My house is a disaster, although slightly less of one now that my wonderful husband is doing some tidy-up in the kitchen(I love you, Steve!). There were several moments when the chaos felt overwhelming, but I'd much rather have a messy kitchen and have helped a friend, then a clean house while someone suffered alone. Last year I cleared my schedule to spend more time keeping my house clean, but I think God had slightly other plans. My house is still a work in process and I am continuing to build relationships and serve my neighbours. :)

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