Monday, March 8, 2010

My First Fall of "10

Yes, that's right. Today I fell. There are only 12 days left in Winter, and I just couldn't make it all the way through. This is my first year of using the back carrier and I've been paranoid of falling. Unlike with the sling, there just isn't a good way to fall with the baby on my back. A tricky patch of black ice got me, and down I went. Somehow I managed not to break anything, or fall on Kian although I ended up reclining slightly on him. He thought this was great fun and started giggling. Well, I guess it's good that he wasn't scared...The good thing about this fall is that not only did I not break anything, my friend was there. She helped me up, allowed me to lean on her mitten to get up and stayed with me long enough to ensure that there was no major damage. Nothing is more reassuring than a good calm friend after a fall.

Because I fell, my mommy came to visit. She brought some cream for Kian's face(he ran into a table this morning), and some lunch for me. We had a very good visit, eating and talking theology and faith. I enjoy deep conversations especially ones that challenge me. My mother and I do not agree entirely and I think we both stretch each other in good ways. Thankfully now that I'm grown we're able to disagree and not have it turn into a fight. Then again, that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I'm no longer challenging her authority.

Part of the reason why it was so good to see my mom is that she's been super busy recently. I've been having a very hard time adjusting to this. In the past, she's talked to me everyday on the phone, but now when I try to get ahold of her she's out. But not only did I get to see her today, but we held Kian's birthday party at her house on Saturday. It was very nice to see both of my parents and Steve's family. Unfortunately, my sisters and his brother couldn't be there, but we had a lovely little party. My parents gave Kian a large dragon that all three kids are enjoying. Surprisingly enough, Kian can now say dragon, quite clearly I might add. I am so thankful for my parents(and Steve's) and for all the time they spend with us. Our lives are much enriched by their presence in them.

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