Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Change in Plans

Last night, I had a meltdown. We went to bed at a decent time, but then started talking instead of going directly to sleep. Why, oh why do we always do that? Oh right, because there are no distractions and we can actually have a conversation without interruptions. Anyhoo, during our conversation, I got really upset. I wondered why God has placed me here, if He even has a plan for my life anymore. Beginning this fall, I thought I knew what I was doing. I was involved in a great ministry and just really excited about where my life was heading. Within several weeks, it all fell apart.

Today, I walked to school with another mom, and then walked home with her and another friend. We had a great chat, enjoying the sunshine, warm air and the birdsong. This afternoon after school, we had another family over for tea and then supper. This friend also really enjoys cooking, especially soup, so she comes over and we look at cookbooks. Meanwhile, my kids enjoy playing with her girls. Over tea, we chat about soup, food and of course life with relationships taking centre stage. I made an Indian dinner complete with bhajis, rogan josh curry, rice and saag paneer. Surprisingly, the girls absolutely loved my dinner. It was a great visit. As she left, my friend commented on how much she always enjoys her visits here.

After everyone had gone home and the kids were in bed, I got to thinking. Yeah, my life is completely not where I thought it should be, but maybe God hasn't forgotten me. Instead, I've moved outside of my Christian bubble. After this fall, most of my Christian friends don't talk to me anymore. Now my friends are people within my community, mostly other moms at the school. Although this season has been really hard, I'm really enjoying my new friends. Being involved, really involved, in my community has been a great thing and where I have been wanting to be. I just had no idea this was how I would get there. Thankfully, once again God's plan is bigger than mine. :)

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