Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Measurement of Success

Sometimes success is only a matter of what lenses I'm looking through. When I feel frustrated, what I really need to do is change my perspective. Other times I need to change me, but that's a whole 'nother post! Today was all about how I saw it.

Today's goal was to clean my house. Both big kids were in school today and I didn't have anything planned so this should have been easy. But I woke up with a headache. Boo! Then my new friend mentioned that she was walking to the grocery store, so I came with. After we returned, I tackled my kitchen and then started lunch because I was starving. My slice of ham was too big for my sandwich, so I invited my neighbour over for lunch. We had a good lunch and then looked at pictures together. She couldn't find low-fat whole wheat bread, so I made her some. I knew there was a recipe for that somewhere in one of my many bread cookbooks, and I was right. Later we walked to school together and then ran errands together. After my wonderful husband came home, he barbequed supper while I took Aris to buy a present for a birthday party tomorrow. After supper, I visited with my friend some more, went to the pharmacy with another friend, and then had my first postpartum visit. It was a busy day!

My house is quite possibly worse than it was this morning. This is bad news because not only did I work hard this morning, I have company coming for dinner tomorrow and a busy day planned. *sigh* Seen from that perspective, today was a resounding failure! However, last night Steve and I had a brief discussion about our goals. There is much more to be decided on, but a big part of who we are is to be a friend. We feel strongly about coming alongside those who are new or alone or in need of a friend. Seen from that perspective, my day looks much better. Although I am often judged on my poor housekeeping, at the end of my life will people place more value on my chaotic house or my friendship? Personally, I'm rooting for the friendship, especially the yummy goodies that my friends get to eat. :) Now to remember to keep looking through that pair of glasses. :)

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