Monday, March 29, 2010

Parties and Soup

Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday. However when I walked in well after 11pm, I decided that I was extremely thankful and also extremely tired in which case I needed to sleep and didn't need to blog. I am tired and currently upset, so tonight I am blogging. Right now, I need to remember why I'm thankful.

Yesterday was amazing. Somehow I ended up eating only at parties which meant that I ate absolutely amazing food all day. Usually some meals are great and others are mediocre. Yesterday, they all rocked! Instead of having a traditional church service, my church decided to have a feast during service. We opened with prayer, worship and a brief talk and then moved right into food. Potlucks rock! Brunch potlucks are amazing! I made a chocolate chip apple cake, several people brought yogurt and fruit, someone made a hashbrown casserole, and there were two absolutely amazing quiches. I haven't discovered who made them yet, but I need those recipes. Sooo good! Yes, I am a foodie.

After the church brunch, I attended an afternoon tea. My cousin and her friend threw an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Teaopia Tea Tasting Party. All of the guests had to wear hats which were provided. I wore a knit beret type hat(not exactly), Aris wore a large fuzzy purple hat, and my friend wore a large brimmed black hat. It was very her. :) Our hosts did a fantastic job with both the food and decorations. I really should have brought my camera as words cannot possibly do it justice. And my hand hurts so I should stop typing. I had a fabulous time tasting teas and eating amazing sweets. The meringue toadstools were incredible as was the chocolate raspberry mousse cake. And the best part? They let us load up trays with leftovers to take home! My family was very very happy. We all had cake and cookies as afternoon snacks today. :)

You may be wondering how on earth I managed to squeeze another meal in there. Well, to be honest so was I. We had initially been invited over to our neighbours for sushi on Saturday night. They wanted to thank us and bless us with a special meal. They succeeded. Sadly, the meal had to be postponed because of their exploration of the Ontario Hospital System. Thankfully my dear friend was okay, so we had sushi on Sunday evening at 9pm. Thankfully the lateness of the hour meant that I had room for sushi after all the other yummy treats. D. graciously made sure that I had sushi I could eat(with tuna instead of salmon) and J. ensured that there was always plenty of sushi in front of us. It was a great evening. Although my neighbours still have a mostly empty house, J managed to create elegance. It was stunning! Sunday was also their wedding anniversary so we were celebrating lots of things. We are so blessed by our lovely neighbours and friends. :)

So where does the soup come into all of this? That would be at lunch today. And in Steve's lunch whenever he manages to make it back into the office. My poor man is healing slowly so he worked from home today. Since he was home, I decided to make him soup for lunch. Then I ended up having a neighbour over for the morning. My personal mission in life is to feed V. since she really enjoys my cooking. I like feeding people. :) Whenever she is over, I offer her food and today was no exception. Right before I was ready to serve, my doorbell rang and yet another neighbour came over. T was also given some soup to eat and put to work. V filled my spice containers(she swept my floor too, but I didn't ask her to) and T chopped green onions. We had a lovely impromptu party and even the little ones found food that they would eat. After lunch we looked at wedding gowns, wedding photos and just generally talked wedding stuff. It was good. Last week when I was contemplating what I want to do with my life, having a welcoming home was on my list. I want people to feel welcome, to show up unexpectedly and to be given tea and fed. While we were all seated around my table, I felt so humbled and blessed to see how God is fulfilling this desire. I'm amazed. So if you are ever in the area, please stop in. But I must warn you that there will be chaos. The food will be good, the selection of tea extensive(if I do say so myself), but my house will be...lived in. Yes, that's the right phrase...:)

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