Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Joyful Heart

My posts in the last little bit have been a wee bit more introspective, so today I'm going light and fluffy and very very thankful.

For starters, I'm absolutely loving the gorgeous sunshine and longer days. Although I'm not a big winter fan, I've been really enjoying the snow this year especially when the sun shines bright and the sky is blue. Add in birdsong, and I am a very happy girl. My walks to and from the school have become a joy, rather than a chore.

My kids have been on excellent behaviour this week. I don't know what happened, but they've been doing really well. Aris hasn't had a significant meltdown since Sunday night, although there was a temper tantrum yesterday. The boys have been in great spirits. Perhaps this is because I've instituted daily chores after school. My walls are getting sparkly clean. :) Kian doesn't do well with chores yet although he has lots of enthusiasm for tasks. Sadly, he hasn't quite figured out following directions yet. He had great fun trying to mop my floor and then even more fun making more messes on my clean floor. He's been screaming and hitting much less than normal which has been a huge blessing. Having a better week behaviour-wise has been great. :)

Our meals this week have been excellent. I've done a lot of experimental meals and they've turned out great. Aris made cookies tonight mostly by herself and they also turned out well. The best part: I managed not to lose my temper at all during the making of said cookies. :)

This afternoon, I went into the school to get some work done on milkbags. Kian came with and Zane was dropped off there later. Both boys played beautifully in the hall. They didn't fight, yell or run away. It was great! We have been encouraged to come back to help some more. It doesn't hurt that Kian is so cute. He entertained himself by making faces at the other kids as they walked by. It was funny. During the hour or so I was there, I got to meet more of the staff including another teacher who is involved in a local church that is very involved in our organization. That was cool. My time at the school was both productive and encouraging. :)

I think my list could be longer, but I'm tired. I've searched the house but can't seem to find a gravity adjustor. My body still feels heavy so I'm going to keep looking. :) Perhaps I'll find it soon. :)

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