Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cousins For Dinner

No, we didn't eat them! But we did enjoy their company for dinner and games afterwards. The first time they came I had forgotten our plans until about 3 hours before their arrival. My remembrance coincided with me leaving the house to get kids from school. As my house was an absolute disaster, I spent the remaining time cleaning and Steve picked up pizza. At each subsequent visit, I've tried to move the bar a wee bit higher. Today looked like it was going to be a massive failure as I was out for most of the day and absolutely exhausted after climbing/crawling through a multi-level kids indoor playground. Forgetting that I wanted to try a certain recipe tonight, I returned the cookbook to the library on Tuesday so I had to go back there before cooking dinner. And my house was a wreck. But surprisingly I actually had the house reasonably clean thanks to my wonderful hubby coming home slightly early, and I had dinner almost on the table. The dinner party was a success, especially the rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes. University students tend to be happy with whatever they are served, but the potatoes were a huge hit. Definitely a make-again! I am tired, but very happy. Today I fed people, spent some great quality time with my kids, continued to build into my neighbours and my house actually looks okay. This is a win regardless of how I choose to measure success today! :)

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