Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meeting a Wolf

Okay, so he was only 64% wolf, but still. As the dog headed down the path towards me, I thought this is a wolf. That has to be a wolf. But why would a wolf be on a leash in the middle of town? The dog?wolf? drew nearer and his owner stopped to chat with us. The dog/wolf's name is Zeus and he was friendly but timid. In that conversational pattern one has with dog owners( Oh, what a lovely dog you have! Is he/she friendly? May my children pet he/she/it? What is your dog's name (and gender so I can stop using all three pronouns..this is getting awkward!)? What type of dog is ?), I asked what type of dog Zeus was. It turns out I was right! He is a husky/malamute/wolf cross with the emphasis on the wolf. And such a lovely wolf he was! He was friendly, well-behaved and timid. He doesn't bark and isn't aggressive. He is gorgeous! In general, I'm not a dog person although there are several dogs I like(writing this is causing me to miss Sam, a hyper super-friendly chocolate lab). I think I have added a new dog to my list of likes. Steve, please may I have a wolf dog? :)

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