Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Finally, after much anticipation, Jean-Christophe was born at 10:14am. He weighed a surprising 9lbs, 12 ozs(he was thought to be 7 lbs), and was 22 inches long. Although he took his time in being born and his mother was incredibly frustrated, it was a beautiful birth. I was able to take some great pics of him being born and afterwards. This was my first attempt at birth photography and my first official doula birth. Although I'm currently insanely exhausted, I believe both were a success. The french braiding part of the birth process not so much, but every thing else went reasonably well.

After the birth, my wonderful husband bussed to the hospital with the boys so he could drive me home. Apparently driving tired is worse than driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so I played it safe and called my wonderful husband. Thankfully the hospital is one of the stops on the "fast" bus so it wasn't an ordeal for them. The boys love taking the bus and were excited about getting to bus with Daddy. Yay for public transportation! :)

Since I hadn't slept for over 30hrs, Steve sent me to bed. I had a good sleep, but then the phone started ringing. All of our phones started ringing, none of which were in my room or being answered. So I staggered downstairs to answer the phone. I can't remember exactly what happened, but after grabbing my mobile another device started ringing. So as I grab it off the counter and answer it, I'm wondering why on earth my iPod is ringing. Did Steve install an app on it? I was so confused. My confusion got worse when Aris' uncle(Terence's brother) asked to speak to Stephen. Not only does no one call him Stephen, but why was that Dave asking to speak to him? It was bizarre. And when did my iPod suddenly become a phone? After hanging up and staring at it for a few minutes, I figured out that this was Steve's iPhone and not my iPod. Wierd....I have had several manic fits of giggles over this. Even writing this is cracking me up. Steve sits and shakes his head. :)

After sleeping for a couple of hours, I met with another local doula. As part of the certification process, I need to find a mentor. Because of how nervous I was, I was hoping to meet before the baby was born, but that didn't happen. However, this worked out perfectly as I was able to debrief. I think I have both gained a mentor and a friend. Yay! She also shares a quirky sense of humour, so it was good. :) Maybe when I'm not so tired, I will write more about the events of this weekend. It has been a good growth experience. I am tired, but happy. :)

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