Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if the gravity has been changed in my house. Every part of my body feels like it is weighted, including my eyelids. Since no one else is complaining, I'm going to assume that this is exhaustion rather than a gravity change. Yes, I'm a sci-fi geek. Yes, my husband and I regularly have conversations about such geeky things. My favourite are the really long conversations about the ethics of a technology that only exists in a certain s/f universe. Oh we are two happy geeks together. :) But I digress...

I'm tired. Really, really, really tired. One could even say super-duper-luper tired, to borrow one of Aris' favourite phrases. There is always something that I need to do, or somewhere that I need to go. My poor body isn't getting treated well, and boy is it letting me know. So now I need to rest. My yoga teacher often tells us to observe where our bodies/emotions are and then to accept whatever is happening within them. So tonight, I'm coming to terms with my exhaustion and setting limits. Tonight I skipped yoga *gasp* and will go to bed early. Lunches probably won't get made and diapers won't get folded, because tonight I need to rest, and that's okay. Strangely enough, this makes me feel really happy. :)

Today I attended a baby shower for a wonderful woman at Steve's office. It was a lovely time catching up with the other staff( L, you were missed!), especially those I rarely see. We chatted about books, jewelry, babies, birth, babywearing, baby puke, fussy babies, OBs, and lots of other things to do with babies. It was good. Adult conversation, especially with the other women on the office team, is so life-giving for me right now. Uh-oh, my eyelids are refusing to stay open...must go to bed!

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