Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Feel Good...nah-nah-nah-nah

Now that the song is stuck in your head, I can tell you about my day. Right now, I'm happily singing and dancing along to the music in my head. Today was good!

Right now, I look absolutely amazing. Seriously! Last night my friend invited me to a pre-Oscars gala party at a fancy Shopper's Drugmart. Who knew? But apparently there is such a thing, and they were doing a very nice party. We got chocolate cupcakes, popcorn, a grab bag, and makeovers. My makeup artist was fantastic! Typically, makeup artists and I don't get along, as I'm Little Miss Make-up Scares Me. I didn't wear make-up until I was 16 and then only because my pastor's daughter insisted. She picked out my make-up, taught me how to use it and then insisted I wear it. And of course she took lots of pictures to prove how much better I looked.

But then I left my church and we lost contact. It's been hard to find friends that don't mind helping me with makeup. Now I have kids, so putting on makeup is....pointless? an exercise in frustration? an invitation to my children to play with said makeup? Somehow my daughter inherited the girly-girl gene and absolutely loves make-up, fashion and doing hair which are all the things I'm clueless at. Since June, I've been wearing more makeup, jewelry and been putting more effort into my appearance. It's nice to actually feel pretty again.

Today was Kian's birthday party, so I decided to look nice. I put on a really nice outfit, but decided to save the makeup part until this evening. I ended up with the sweetest makeup artist who thought I was only 18!!!! That's a full decade younger than I am! This was before she did my makeup. She did an awesome job, so good that even strangers were commenting on how good I look. Steve took pics(he also approved), but they aren't on the computer yet as he's in bed and miserable. Poor husband. :( It is so nice to feel beautiful. Yay for beauty nights out! :)

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