Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Mercies

In my sacred Scripture, there is a line that speaks of God's mercies being new every morning. This is undoubtedly true as I am thankful for a variety of new things each and every day. Of course, there are some that I continue to be thankful for like my wonderful husband. He made pancakes for breakfast and willingly went to the Maple Syrup Festival with me even though he thinks it's a largely about the money-making. He's right, but I enjoy it regardless. I enjoy it more when he comes cheerfully.

Today, I am also thankful for hand-me-downs that are several sizes too large for my son. I am also thankful that the boxes I store my hand-me-downs in are sorted by size and gender and accordingly labelled. This makes finding pajamas for the little neighbour boy was is unexpectedly staying the night much much much easier.

I am also thankful for a little boy who is sleeping with socks on his hands. Why he is sleeping with socks on his hands, I don't know. But is he ever cute!

I am thankful that I can drive. Today Steve fell and injured his driving foot. We're not sure what he did, but he can't do too much right now. Thankfully I have my license and was able to get us all home. I used to take this for granted, but after finding out several of my acquaintances and friends don't drive, I no longer do.

Now, I am going to be thankful for my nice warm bed and soft pillow. Hopefully in the morning I will be thankful for a good night's sleep. What are you thankful for? :)

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