Sunday, March 7, 2010

Will I Survive?

Today has been a tough day. I'm not sure I'm going to survive this season of pain or if the dawn will ever come and bring joy along with it. But even in the midst of a hard day, there were some moments of joy. A delightful teenager asked me to be her mentor as she prepares for an internship in Sudan. I was honoured and excited. Currently, we plan on attending a training session together that I was going to audit solo. I'm sure this way will be much more fun and filled with good talks and giggling. Not that I'm a giggly girl, not me! :)

There are very few older couples at our church. Our church is both small and mostly young. I dearly love the oldest couple at our church. They are quiet but very wise. Today R. invited us over for Sunday dinner. Although I grew up with a main meal at noon on Sunday that currently isn't our tradition. Being invited out and served a nice dinner on beautiful china was a blessing. R and M, I love you so much!

Have I mentioned that my wonderful husband is a good cook? He doesn't cook that often, but there a couple of things that he is amazing at. One of his specialities are nachos. For our LifeGroup, we did a nacho night. We each brought different things and then Steve put them together. They were wonderful, especially when combined with my gaucamole. It wasn't the same recipe as my traditional family one, but it was still good. My tummy is very happy and full of nachos. :O)

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